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HTML5 Tutorial for beginners

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HTML5 Tutorial for beginners

About Course

HTML is short for 'HyperText Markup Language', which means HTML is only used to create a structure of the web page. This HTML course will be beneficial for all who are looking to start their career in the web development field and aspire to become a Frontend or Full-stack web developer. This HTML course will be the first step towards your goal to become a web developer. To continue this journey, we would recommend you complete the other languages and skills like CSS, JavaScript.

What you'll learn

  • Learn to create simple web pages using HTML5

  • Learn the basics tags of HTML

  • To create Tables in HTML

  • To create customizable forms and add form validation in HTML

  • To include multimedia(audio, video, images) in your web page

Why learn HTML?

HTML is at the Core of the InternetLearning HTML and CSS allows you to build your own websites, gives you a skill which you can use to improve work at your current job, and also opens up an opportunity to transition into a career in tech and :
1. HTML is Easy to Learn and Use
2. HTML is Free
3. HTML is supported by all Browsers
4. HTML is Basic of all Programming Languages

and many more

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are new to Web Development

  • Freshers who want to learn HTML5 from scratch

  • Web Developers who wish to brush up their knowledge of HTML5

Why Get Certified?

📌  Multiple Career Opportunities for certified candidates
📌  Career Progression and Management
📌   Industry Preferred Certificate
After successful completion of the course, students will get a "Certificate of Completion"

Why Happy Learnings?

Happy Learnings is the fastest growing online education marketplace on the internet to learn accounts, business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. We partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals. In addition to helping individual learners achieve their goals, we offer flexible, cost-effective group memberships for your business, school, or government organization.

HTML5 Content
1-Introduction to html
5 min Preview
2-How to create a basic program
2 min Preview
3-Structure of the program
2 min Preview
4-HTML Tags and Attributes
No Preview
5-Semantic Tags in html
2 min
6-Empty(non container) tags in html
2 min
7-HTML Elements appear in a webpage
3 min
8-HTML Table
4 min
9-Table Rowspan And Colspan In HTML
4 min
10-Table design in html
3 min
11-Implement a rowspan and colspan in table
4 min
12-HTML Forms
7 min
13-Form Controls Part-1
11 min
14-Form Controls Part-2
2 min
15-Heading tags in html
1 min
16-Paragraph Implementing
No Preview
17-Unordered list and Ordered list
2 min
18-Hyperlink in html
1 min
19-Image tag in html
1 min
20-Basic form Creation
4 min
21- Input Controllers in to a form Part-1
3 min
22- Input Controllers in to a form Part-2
2 min
23- Input Controllers in to a form Part-3
2 min
24- Input Controllers in to a form Part-4
3 min
25-HTML code for student profile
4 min
26-Implement a basic table
1 min
27-Table Creation of salary report in html
1 min
28-Cellpadding and Cellspacing
2 min
29-Table rowspan and colspan in html
2 min
30-Table color in html
1 min
31-Header body and footer in html
No Preview
32-Table design in html
2 min
33-Timetable creation using html
4 min
34-Periodic table in html
4 min
HTML5 Note
Complete Note
No Preview

Happy Learnings

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