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Autodesk Revit (Architecture) Training- For Beginners

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 Autodesk Revit (Architecture) Training- For Beginners

The Autodesk Revit software is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) program that works the way architects think. The program streamlines the design process through the use of a central 3D model, where changes made in one view update across all views and on the printable sheets.

The objective of the Autodesk Revit Fundamentals for Architecture course is to enable you to create a full 3D architectural project model, including walls, doors, windows, components, floors, ceilings, roofs, and stairs, using the basic tools that the majority of architectural users need. This includes how to navigate the user interface and use the basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools. The final part of the course focuses on creating construction documents.

Course Highlights

  • Understanding the purpose of BIM and how it is applied in the Autodesk Revit software.

  • Navigating the Autodesk Revit workspace and interface.

  • Working with the basic sketching and modifying tools.

  • Review Revit file work sharing, terminology, and workflow.

  • Linking CAD and Revit files as the basis of a project.

  • Creating Levels and Grids as datum elements for the model.

  • Creating a 3D building model with walls, curtain walls, windows, and doors.

  • Adding component features, such as furniture and equipment.

  • Adding floors, ceilings, and roofs to the building model.

  • Modeling stairs, railings, and ramps.

  • Setting up sheets for plotting with text, dimensions, details, tags, and schedules.

  • Creating details.


  • An understanding of architectural terminology is an asset.

  • Revit users who want to do more with Revit.

  • No programming experience is needed. Novice programmers may find it helpful to supplement this course with some of the many free resources online.

Why Get Certified?

  • Multiple Career Opportunities for certified candidates

  • Career Progression and Management

  • Industry Preferred Certificate

After successful completion of the course, students will get a "Certificate of Completion"

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Revit Basic Contents
1 - Introduction to Revit Architecture
8 min Preview
2 - Core Features
3 min Preview
3 - Area Report & User Interface
6 min Preview
4 - User Interface Cont.....
4 min
5 - Graphical User Interface
4 min
6 - Title Bar
4 min
7 - How we Start a Project Part - 1
4 min
8 -How we Start a Project Part - 2
3 min
9 - Survey Point
2 min
10 - Project Orgin
5 min
11 - levels Part - 1
6 min
12 - levels Part - 2
9 min
13 - Levels Part - 3
6 min
14 - Levels Part - 4
3 min
15 - Wall Creations (Wall, Location, line)
5 min
16 - Wall Creations (Chain)
7 min
17 - Wall Creations (Functions)
7 min
18 - Wall Creations (Functions) Cont...
6 min
19 - Wall Creations (Functions ) Cont...
3 min
20 - Wall Creations (Wall Opening, Wall Sweep)
5 min
21 - Wall Creations (Trim Wall, Split Wall, Offset Tool)
5 min
22 - Stacked Wall, Curtain Wall
9 min
23 - How to Create Door
10 min
24 - Door Tags
2 min
25 - View Part - 1 (Default 3D View, Elevation)
6 min
26 - Views Part - 2 (Sections)
6 min
27 - Views Part - 3 (Duplicating Views, Tile Windows, Close Hidden Windows)
5 min
28 - Views Part -4 (Sheet Creation)
7 min
29 - How to Create Floor
11 min
Revit Basic Note
Complete Note
No Preview

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Happy-learning-user-review-DOONIYA JOHNSON



I was a complete beginner when I started and toward the end of the course I was able to do my first development application all in Revit ! Thank you !

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