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CorelDraw-From Beginner to Professional

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CorelDraw-From Beginner to Professional

What you'll learn

  • Newspaper Design
  • Wedding Card Design
  • Product Box Package
  • Sticker Creation 
  • Flyer Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Banner Design
  • Visiting Card
  • Letterhead 
  • Cover Page Design


  • No previous user experience needed.

  • Learners should have CorelDRAW 2021 or the latest version installed on their computers to follow along. This is a practical course, it’s best to follow along in order to get the best out of the course


CorelDRAW is an advanced computer graphic editing software that includes various types of alteration and transformation of images and page capabilities. This software is used in the fields of graphic arts and communication in order to produce, edit, and transform images to the digital levels. It is a vector drawing application, layout tools, effects, and functions about images and pages and retouching and editing multiple alternatives.
It is often used to generate images and graphics from scratch but also allows you to edit photographs, drawings, and other graphics to correct imperfections or defects or even to provide different effects of chroma, brightness, contrast, tonal curve, special effects, transparency, blends, and fades and others.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is great for beginner CorelDRAW users.

  • Complete beginners who has never opened CorelDRAW

  • Those aspiring to become a graphic designer from scratch

  • Those who played around with CorelDRAW, but wants to polish up and become more skilled graphic designers

  • Those who want to save money by creating their own promotional.

Why Get Certified?

📌  Multiple Career Opportunities for certified candidates
📌  Career Progression and Management
📌   Industry Preferred Certificate
After successful completion of the course, students will get a "Certificate of Completion"

Why Happy Learnings?

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CorelDRAW Contents
1-Started with CorelDRAW
8 min Preview
2-Tools Menu in CorelDRAWPart-1
6 min Preview
3-Tools Menu in CorelDRAWPart-2
4 min Preview
4-How To Save File
3 min
5-Using Layers in CorelDRAW
8 min
6-Working with Tables in CorelDRAW
8 min
7-Image Cutting in Pen Tool
6 min
8-Color Table
10 min
9-Visiting Card
14 min
10-Letterhead with Logo
14 min
11-Work with Object
10 min
12-Cover Page Design Part-1
8 min
13-Cover Page Design Part-2
8 min
14-Flyer Design
11 min
15-Brochure Design
12 min
16-Banner Design
12 min
17-Additional Features in CorelDRAW Part-1
12 min
18-Additional Features in CorelDRAW Part-2
11 min
19-Additional Features in CorelDRAWPart-3
9 min
20-Additional Features in CorelDRAW Part-4
11 min
21-Additional Features in CorelDRAW Part-5
11 min
22-How to cut images
7 min
23-Newspaper Design
9 min
24-Wedding Card Design
6 min
25-Product Box Package Part-1
8 min
26-Product Box Package Part-2
7 min
27-Sticker Creation Part-1
8 min
28-Sticker Creation Part-2
9 min
Corel DRAW-Complete Notes
Complete Notes
No Preview

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So far, so good! Superb! Excellent techniques, I've learnt so much, and there's still more.

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